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7 day/ 6 night silent zen meditation and yin yoga retreat in bali

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7 day/ 6 night silent zen meditation and yin yoga retreat in bali

Time & Location

18 Jul 2020, 3:00 pm – 25 Jul 2020, 2:00 pm
Ubud, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

About The Event



A week dedicated to the practice of silent meditation, yoga, sharing the dharma and mindful walks in the beautiful Great Ocean Road.

This is a rare moment to connect at a deeper level with your own heart and mind free from the dispersion or distraction that seem to fill much of our everyday lives.

We find many of the answers we seek within ourselves, in the depth of our being as we feel deeper into the experience of who we are.

This week offers the possibility of taking the inwards steps to reconnect with the source of what is healing and nourishing in all of us.  

One of the more impactful and profound experiences given to us to live is to recollect heart and mind in an intensive period of silent and still sitting.

This is a moment when, while attending and caring for whatever is unfolding outside, we begin to turn our light inwards, as the Buddha encouraged us to do in his last recorded words.

Turning our light inwards is another way of speaking of intimacy and coming home.

Intimacy means no one other than you can take the steps, often steep, at times disquietening, that take you away from the distractions of the world and lead you to who you really are.

To be truly who you are is to come home, and to come home is beyond words and descriptions.

This is the gift of immersion in silence and stillness. 


The first six days will be spent in silence and the schedule will include zazen (seated meditation), Kinhin (walking meditation), walks in nature, Heart of Yoga guided by Fiona and daily dharma talks by Hamid.

Traditionally at the end of a silent retreat, the participants all leave with a little time to discuss the thoughts and feelings that came up for them during the silence.

However, at this retreat, we will have a group meeting on the last day, during which time we can share and open up with regards to whatever we have processed during the time of practice together.

We can explore further different aspects of the teachings to offer a framework to help you make better sense of your experience, so as to support incorporating it into your daily lives.

This is an opportunity to spend time away from distractions and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to meditation which is the practice of sitting in an open and non-judgmental way with the rising and falling of thought processes without getting carried away by them.

When the ripples of an over-active mind are calmed as you focus your attention on the present, the look you take at your life deepens.

Connecting your mind through Zen meditation will help you see the world and yourself with a greater sense of clarity.

7 days/ 6 nights intensive silent meditation retreat with dharma teachings, a group encounter, walks in nature and heart yoga.


Hamid has been a student of Zen for over twenty-five years and was ordained as a monk in 2000. He is a disciple of Zen Master Ryotan Tokuda who in 2012 gave him sanction to teach. Hamid is a counsellor in practice. He has spent over ten years in India and Indonesia where he has taught meditation, philosophy, and comparative spirituality.

The teachings are inspired by both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, particularly Zen Buddhism.



The food will be consciously sourced produce made with love and care by our host Wyan. All meals will be vegetarian and will allow for any allergies by simply informing us of what you can not eat. Traditional Balinese meals will be served with consideration to the activities unfolding throughout the day/night. Supportive snacks and teas will be available throughout the retreat.


  • 7 day silent retreat

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