Committing yourself to a new journey can be challenging. Maitri Retreats recognises that you are no only investing money, but, more importantly, time, energy and emotions into this journey.


It can be a scary thought. Entrusting your wellbeing into the hands of strangers. Entering an environment where you may feel fragile and vulnerable, exposing yourself to new people, ideas and opportunities. We also recognise that you wouldn’t be exploring these options if you didn’t want more for your life.


Maitri Retreats firmly believes that each and every person has infinite power to enhance their capacity to reach for a happier and healthier version of themselves. We also realise that this is an intimidating proposition. Our ethos is to facilitate experiences in wellness activities that have been self-proven to provide a profound and positive impact on healing and happiness. Our team can attest to their strength through personal experience and are dedicated to sharing years of learnings in a kind and empathetic environment.


These retreats are an opportunity to truly reconnect to your wellbeing. Taking the time to focus on yourself without distraction; understanding where you are positioned physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.


We cannot provide an environment that allows participants to make the most of their experience if all attendees are not committed to our values. Further, to enhance the experience we have expectations of our guests.


To maximise your investment we need participants to understand our expectations of you.




Trust can be incredibly difficult to give – especially to strangers. Maitri Retreats asks that you try and relinquish prior learnings, expectations and experiences and trust in the journey. Trust that you have made the choice to participate; that releasing control and opening yourself up to the process can introduce you to new possibilities that have infinite positive ramifications.




Understanding that these retreats are designed to expose your being to hidden or suppressed emotions and desires. Embracing the fact that nothing is permanent including our thoughts and feelings will give you the freedom to expose perceived limitations, be it emotional, behavioral or physical blocks, releasing their power and generating freedom.




Embrace the fact that you are entering the unknown; that this is an experience that provides a safe and secure environment to delve into your deepest emotions. Commit to the realisation that you may expose yourself to uncomfortable thoughts and feelings like pain, suffering, discomfort or fear. Understand that we are there to guide you into these emotions so that they release their hold, helping you understand that kindly embracing these feelings can provide comfort.




Be fully in the moment, embracing the practices as defined during your stay. Providing your full and complete concentration, to the best of your ability, will allow us to provide you with the most meaningful and powerful experience we are capable of delivering.