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Maitri Retreats utilises well established ancient Eastern philosophical practices to help participants look inward with a view to create a full and meaningful life. The facilitators use these techniques to help participants reconnect with living and work through the most difficult challenges that may arise in the healthiest way possible.


Traditionally Eastern philosophers, like other centuries-old healers, passed on their knowledge with no expectation for economic gain. Their focus was in sharing their knowledge to the betterment of society. They practiced with a lack of material interest, knowing that reaching out would result in being reached out in turn. That in effect giving selflessly would result in the provision of basic needs and that basic needs are all we really require – that satisfaction comes from within.


Fast forward to the twenty-first century and Eastern philosophy is big business. It has evolved in many varied ways and provides a plethora of options that can span from exciting to confusing and conflicting.


Maitri Retreats is committed to the traditional core values and principles that underpin the practices that are offered. The emphasis is on providing a combination of proven practices that ensure attendees are given the most fulfilling experience possible; focusing completely on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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