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Maitri Retreats aims to provide an environment that allows participants to delve into their deepest, inner most thoughts and feelings to facilitate healing and happiness. Our goals cannot be fully achieved without core values that allow us to create the best possible experience.


We therefore commit to encapsulate the following values into our offerings:




To approach each retreat with a warm heart and empathetic kindness to ensure everyone is treated with the respect, patience and security they need to truly commit openly and honestly to this journey.




To share our personal journeys and learnings to demonstrate the power and positivity that can arise from challenging experiences.




To be fully and completely committed to the teachings that are being shared. To maintain honesty and an approachable environment that will not be compromised by external influence unless it compliments our core values.




To the best of our ability, establish and maintain positive connection to ourselves, our guest, the community and our environment.




To maintain our drive to be the facilitators of positive change and to nurture the will of anyone demonstrating a willingness to improve their wellbeing. To help people understand their potential and support them in realising their ability to lead fulfilling lives.




To include, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, sexuality, class or creed or any other man made division of the human race, any soul that expresses an interest in participating in this programme.




To ensure that our actions are always coming from a place of love and connectedness. To maintain our understanding that fostering love to ourselves, our family, friends and the greater World is the most important skill we can nurture.

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