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Counselling Services


Spiritually-oriented counselling is an invaluable therapy for everyone but particularly for the yoga aspirant because practicing yoga often breaks open doors of an emotional and psychological nature in particular during an intensive period of training such as a YTT.  For most people, the true causes of malaise and emotional distress requires a journey of self-discovery and inner quest along with a healing and transformative path.  Psychological conflicts, emotional disorders and the suffering they engender are often caused by disconnect from our true nature and unconscious identifications with early patterns of conditioning.  We cannot free ourselves from what we are unaware of just as we cannot heal ourselves form what has not presented itself to be healed.  Spiritually-oriented counseling aims at integrating psychological and spiritual work so that the light of awareness permeates the hidden recesses of our personality and allows for a transformative process to unfold enabling us to pursue more freely our unrealized potentials and live fully.


Spiritually-oriented counselling opens a gateway for developing and embodying deeper, hidden resources within ourselves and enhancing our sense of awakening and growth. It helps integrate and heal unresolved psychological issues through acceptance of our whole being which is simply opening up to the totality of our experience and ultimately finding our sense of peace there. In this approach we try to build a bridge between psychological reflection, which facilitates self-knowledge, and the deeper awareness that comes by simply being present to the totality of our experience as it unfolds in meditative states of the mind.


This counselling is all-encompassing, taking into account both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of a person, both the conditioned personality and the unconditioned being that we all are. It encourages people to become aware of their responsibility as creators of their personal destiny and to manifest the full scope of their own lives.  It helps them experience their true nature, serenity, internal peace and be in harmony with their environment and in their relationships.

If you are interested please contact Maitri Retreats here.