inspirational imagery and words


silence where you can hear words fall leaves fall upon the mirror of fading echoes


light is on our path when it darkens even when it darkens even light is your path

peliatan, ubud, bali__nah ist_und schwer zu fassen der Gott._wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst _das Rettend

The night encloses brightness, and at dawn, no light shines. from Hokkyo Zan Mai , ancient Zen poem

Ed è il pensiero della morte che, in fine, aiuta a vivere. In the end, it is the thought of death that helps us to live. Umberto Saba when our sense of impermanence deepens, we begin to appreciate the inseparability of life and death.

we do not know what else to offer this enduring thirst other than a heart that in silence dwells


distances collapsing is homecoming the journey begins where the journey ends a homecoming

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Through meditation we at times receive this formidable and unlike any other mind-blowing revelation: silence is the answer we have always been looking for!

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sometimes we just need to open a door without asking what is behind it. opening a door much like stepping into the unknown. 9th house, ubud. sesshin, november 2017.

on becoming zen monk__ordination poem _presented to master ryotan tokuda_ei-tai ji monastery, 12 aug

the cowl does not make the monk l'habit ne fait pas le moine


the wind of mujo, impermanence, always blows at our flame. time is precious. we have only now to awaken and only now to awaken to. or, what works to awaken us is now. for now is just our awakened moment. a temple in katmandu.

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9th house, bentuyung, in the hilltops of ubdu, bali, surrounded by paddies, a nurturing place of retreat where over six years we sat through different retreats.

wednesday 15 May 037

As you sit in silence you may have a glimpse; as clouds do not hinder the sky, thoughts do not hinder the mind. Vast as the sky, the mind's vastness.

zafu and meditation bell

genuine practice is traceless

the three marks of existence

the three marks of existence theme of inquiry of our november 2017 sesshin, in ubud


all existences are subject to dukka, a deep sense of unsatisfactoriness.


annica nothing in this world can withstand change ' flowers fall even though we love them, weeds grow even though we dislike them.' master dogen


there is no abiding sense of self master dogen says: to study the way is to study the self. then he adds; to study the self is to forget the self. you begin to forget yourself to the extent that you realize that the way and the self are the same thing, that is the whole point of study


beginners sesshin, in the hills of ubud, bali, october 2012

only a buddha knows a buddha

Peaceful Meditation Rooms

karuna centre meditation hall, monchique, portugal

Carefully Chosen Retreats

winter sesshin, melbourne, 2016