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Testimonial by Bethan, UK

7 day silent retreat in portugal, october 2022

Testimonial by Micah, USA

7 day silent retreat in portugal, october 2022

Testimonial by Elin, UK

7 day silent retreat in portugal, october 2022

Testimonial by Vitor, Portugal

7 day silent retreat in portugal, october 2022

Testimonial by Filip, Czech Republic

7 day silent retreat in portugal, october 2022


The retreat was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of attending a silent retreat. Hamid created a supportive and inspiring space. He provides inspiring talks daily which really resonate. The venue in Bali is beautiful and the food was delicious! Sarah’s yin yoga sessions great and exactly what’s needed after sitting and meditating. Thanks Hamid and Sarah!


Ollie Murfitt



Hamid is a wise teacher who brings warmth, humility, gentleness, and care to his retreats. He supports the whole group so they can use the retreat experience to journey into themselves, guiding them towards moments of peace and self-acceptance, but also holding the times of uncertainty, pain, frustration, and questioning that can arise when we delve inside. I'd highly recommend a retreat with Hamid - I took along my mother who had only a light experience of meditation and she found the experience very beneficial for giving her a fresh perspective on her life. Thank you Hamid for your gifts and generosity as a teacher!


Karen Iles 

Yoga Teacher


I met Hamid over 6 years ago and it has been an illuminating and engaging highlight for me -Hamid has a unique way of explaining and exploring ideas with both gravitas and humor. Through his classes I developed a far greater understanding of the deeper aspects of yoga and meditation - he has a vast wealth of knowledge, and it’s fascinating to learn from him! I began spiritually-orientated counselling sessions with Hamid shortly after meeting him, and 4 years later we still meet via Skype every month. Hamid has skillfully helped me to navigate the investigation of a very difficult past, with incredible warmth, compassion, humility and grace, and my monthly meetings with him are an enjoyable space in which I always feel fully supported, heard, and safe. He has been my spiritual mentor throughout these years, and has helped me more than he will ever know. It is a treasured relationship, and I cannot recommend spending time with Hamid highly enough!


Becky Pell

Monitor Engineer and Yoga Teacher


Much can be learnt from those who have experienced the complexities of life, and as a result have developed a sense of compassion for themselves and for those around them. From those who understand that peace and clarity can be developed from a real and honest acceptance for all that life is and all that we are. This wisdom has truly touched me and the impact it has had on my mental and physical health has been truly life changing. Over the past four years of working consistently with Hamid, I have transitioned from a person who was emotionally disconnected and fearful, to someone who feels more alive and aware every day. I am no longer afraid to feel my emotions or to express myself to others. I no longer avoid difficult situations but rather see them as opportunities to explore myself and everything that I am. I am not 100% all the time but I have learnt that this is ok and I don’t have to be. Through the consistence and dedication of Hamid’s guidance I have developed a sense of inner strength, and power and words simply cannot describe the appreciation and respect I have for him. To have the opportunity to work with such a teacher, mentor and counsellor, who practices such honesty and humility is an absolute honour. For those embarking on the journey of self-discovery I highly recommend Hamid’s guidance. He is superbly educated in both spiritual philosophy and modern psychology however his greatest skill is to meet you where you are at, and create space for you to develop your own answers from there. Thank you Hamid I am so grateful!


Sarah Loveband

Yoga teacher and Practioner


In 2015 I was in a desperately bad place, struggling with debilitating Depression and Anxiety, and nothing was helping.  I decided to try a YTT course - mainly because I didn't know what else I could to do to help myself.  And I am so glad I did, because it led me to yoga and Hamid.  Santosha recommended Hamid before the course started.  Our relationship began with a Skype conversation where he immediately started peeling back the layers, allowing me to believe I will be okay.  During the course he offered unconditional support and guidance, keeping me focused and safe, so I could get the most out of this experience.  In class he was a calming, interesting and wise teacher.  After the course I decided to continue our sessions and we still chat weekly.  Hamid has very kindly and gently guided me into a far healthier frame of mind.  His beautiful, caring nature and vast experience has helped me identify, listen and believe in myself.  His ability to provide a non-judgemental and interesting space to explore the thoughts that race through my head has benefited me enormously.  As a teacher and a counselor, Hamid has been invaluable.  I am so very glad I had the opportunity to meet Hamid and I am thankful every day that he continues to play and significant role in my life.  Although I would not wish Depression and Anxiety on anyone, it led me to Hamid, and healthy or not I personally think everyone would benefit from time spent with this remarkable man.


Melanie Parker

Project Manager


I find it difficult to explain how I experienced the 8 days of Silent Zen Meditation Retreat under Hamid Ebadi's calm, honest, humble, wise, secure, compassionate and grounded wings of life.  When I booked the retreat I didn’t know anything about Zen. I was just in a period in life when stillness and silence was highly needed.  I arrived in Portugal with some inhaled preparations.  But I couldn't prepare myself neither for Hamid who I’d never met before, any of the other fellow beings attending, nor the retreat centre.  The experience was nourishing my roots, stretching my spine, opening my heart inwards and outwards, showing me the peace, understanding and compassion silence and stillness could create in myself but also in a group of unknown wellknown fellow travelers in life.  And Hamid Ebadi made that possible.  For me these words seems little.  The experience has opened new doors. I will keep the silence and the stillness alive as much as possible.  And I will return to Maitri Retreats under Hamid Ebadis guidance.  Forever grateful.  Thank you


Ashild Basso

Art Therapist and Mental Health Nurse ( Oppegård - Norway )

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