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a unique and profound experience

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

I have attended Hamid's retreats twice : last year for an 8d retreat in Portugal and this year for a 4d retreat in Bali.

Trying to describe this experience in words wouldn't give credit to what it has brought to me. The fact that I came twice and am already thinking of my next one might say more about Maitri Retreats. I see this time in silence as a unique moment to slow down,contemplate and reflect on my life. The daily schedule of the days - (meditations, walk in nature, Dharma Talk, Yoga, resting time) is a perfect balance enabling the attendees not to have to worry about anything else than to sit and contemplate. I suffer from chronic (and daily) headaches. Sitting in silence and observing pain was certainly not easy but had a profound impact on how I now deal with it. I realized how afraid and resentful I was. However, hearing everyone's experience made me realize that everyone actually has their own challenges and I am not the only one going through difficulties. The 4d retreat in Bali helped me to reframe and start to let go of the resistance I was showing to my condition. A magic part of the 8d retreat was breaking silence on day 7, sharing our own experiences then returning back to silence for the remaining 24 hours of the retreat. It felt to me like a deeper retreat within the retreat. Both Bali and Portugal retreat facilities bring their own magic to the retreat experience- whether it is the breathtaking mountain views in Portugal or the amazing nature and cosiness of Bali Yogi's Garden. Maitri Retreats are definitely a one in a life time experience - except we have the luxury to repeat it. When entering silence for a second time in Bali, I felt like a child, excited to go on a new adventure ! I am now moving more peacefully on my healing journey. So Hamid and team, thank you so much for making this happen.


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