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misty heights

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

silent retreat

october twenty twenty-three



no entry

no exit point to silence

enter or leave it you cannot


in the midst of noise

it never leaves you

it is what carries you

wherever you go


it is what carries along everything



in a silent way


in the midst of silence

we are forgetful of it

lest we listen to raindrops

pattering on the roof

to a crow’s cawing as it

flies over treetops

on hillside slopes


forgetful of it though

it indwells the deepest

leave it we cannot as

we cannot leave space


you step into the dark

from the threshold of the hut


the morning star

dazzlement of darkness

that twinkle


then a shooting star

in the predawn sky

on the narrow trail

flash of a question mark

eternity glimpsed



calling echoes of the gong

travel far into the misty valley


cottony clouds

adrift over eucalypti

deep bows to the wind


hills awash with rains

treading steep country road

flies keep company


in a plot by the roadside

pumpkins bask under the heat

late autumn sun


broken hives

scattered here and there


nectars of how many summers ago


vision dimming

what you no longer can see

rests in the invisible for you


still another storm

invited to a thunderous gathering

night before parting


week of long sitting

here restless

there restful

changing weather

scenery of the heart


traveler gone

journeys continue

coming and going

howling of the wind

pines drooping


crickets have cleared out

still you hear their cries

late this evening


in the temple

adorned in purple robes

masters long parted

sitting in candle glow

bequeath their warm smile


not the steps you take

not the road ahead

where it goes

what counts is

your not knowing


the empty hand

carries the dark

carries the light

the giving heart

what is unseen but

freely moves everywhere


submerged in a sea of mist

wavy hills

where are you going tonight


in the distance



scintillation of your lights



quivers in the pond

among sleeping lilies


the erring

this close now to you

no one's erring

just a pulsing in the blood flow



subdued by rustling branches

the rooster’s call

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