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This silent retreat was GORGEOUS. And I mean gorgeous, luxurious, and delightful to the senses. Hosted in an incredible location, there were comfortable beds to sleep in, an amazing buffet spread thrice a day, a heart-warming bonfire to sit at. Perhaps most helpful, was the careful slow and well-considered guidance and discourse from Hamid every evening. Hamid has been around the spiritual block a few times & you can feel the wisdom in the way he delivers and deliberates on the teachings he has received. What I really liked about this retreat, was it felt compassionate to the self. There was yoga every morning to relieve the stiffness of sitting. We often made eye contact and smiled at each other. Did I say how GORGEOUS the space was? There were delightful walks through the village. I would recommend this to ANYONE seeking silence in compassionate guidance. Thank you Chihiro and Hamid

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