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along with the mist

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

silent retreat

october twenty-twenty two




to you

closer than you

morning raindrops on

the round black stone

in front of my hut



they sing

tiny birds

they let the weight of darkness go

along with them we attain

the palest point of the day


why even come here

where does the road go

no longer questions

how unquenched

i could have reached

the nowhere i never left


this wooden hut

lost in the woods

your home of now


without trace

the face of age

the face of childhood

in dense rain

eyeing the face of time


the voice

a nobody’s words

rumbling these hills

calling the cedar back

vanished in the mist



rolling hills reappear

washed by night rains

entwined country roads

no movement in sight


this sliver of blue




where things abide

moving through me

through rock

stillness of trees

their breath

this tremor


remote houses

scattered across the hills

call and a response

dogs barking

echo in the valley

it is alive


carry october to its end

their own end

to live and die in a robe of scent

what is it

white roses in the hedge


green mountains

in the midst of autumn

where is autumn going


your reason to be

what else than

to feel the morning breeze

brush against your face



all at the table

the persimmon on my white plate

gazes softly at me

flames of a fading sun

emptiness abloom



the prey mantis' pilgrimage

across the hilly road


within the waves


the mind


with what is



night sky

the toad

squats on stony stairway


stars falling

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