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notes from a silent retreat

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

notes from a silent retreat


early hours waking up in the early hours sitting here with you you unbeknown to me closest though late for everything still waiting to begin

to wait when there is no longer

any reason to wait for

just to wait for


appearing out of nowhere the wind pathways everywhere opening in its passage

the wind opening of passages where you hear mountains whisper deep in the starry night

the wind both path and destination in and out of nowhere the home of everywhere


from time to time a lone night bird sings in the valley more than a song a listening plunging you into the world of silence

silence where worlds come and pass breathlessly seamlessly traces erasing traces


here not for long briefer than a stone’s breath crossing a mountain brook still in the measureless we dwell abode we never enter never leave err about endlessly err about with grass

and galaxies


our hands empty we receive leaves falling in the hills and unanswered questions about this journey pilgrimage through this wilderness the unknown the nameless


noise of thoughts subdued deepening silence

is it silence i don't know

unsure whether remembering or forgetting

just the presence of things just presence and nothings

a nameless radiance through which clouds emerge trees emerge and this body plume of incense


slowly drifting


passingness cuts right through the angles invites you to look closer yet itself doesn't see

this day only a sacrament inviting you to the source open space

in this mirror where shadows come to dance all that can be seen a shimmering in the morning rain


in this mountain cabin sitting with november cold gusty winds carry us through the week

to step into this darkness studded with shivering lights

glistening vast distances beckon from the window there is no out there

there is no in here just nearness as silence dissolves the veils

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