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opening to paradoxes

Silence and stillness allow you to reach and settle into your deepest level of experiencing as a human being.

Coming back to a place one has left and yet has somehow never left is journeying through an innerscape rich in paradoxes. It is a homecoming. You come back to a place you have never left, transformed and yet the same.

A home that is no one's particular home and yet a place no one other than you could ever, or would ever want to, inhabit. To integrate and heal all aspects of oneself, all that one is, embodying one's broken and wounded parts, all of what is difficult to own, is beyond the scope of what this world of ours could confirm.

To come home and become one's own person is beyond what the world ingratiates or could ingratiate. It means being in this world but not being of this world. This is a mystery and paradox to be worked throughout a whole life time.

It is precisely in this difference wherein our freedom lies. A freedom that is priceless for no one could give or take it away from us; the freedom to be yourself.

This freedom is about the ability to show up for our lives, to meet ourselves and others, no matter the circumstances, right at this moment, again and again, at this moment. We need not wait to be happy to extend ourselves fully and wholeheartedly to life. Nor do we need to retreat and disengage when adversity strikes.

When the great Zen master Jushua was terminally ill and about to die, asked how he was feeling, replied: sun-faced Buddha, moon-faced Buddha.

In the incessant alternating cycles of rising and falling of suns and moons of existence Buddhas appear and disappear.

hagia sophia, istanbul, october 2018

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