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to friends old and new on the path

over the past ten years, i have had the honor to share teachings with many students in india, bali and some other parts of the world.

the setting of these teachings has primarily been at yoga teacher trainings, something rather uncommon for a zen teacher, this being the background i am coming from. what distinguishes the common from the uncommon is something you begin to lose sight of the more you follow your own deeper calling. your life has a mysterious way of unfolding the more you place your trust in the unknown.

i have also led numerous meditation retreats over this period of time in asia and australia. going back in time i can say with confidence that sitting in silence and stillness through these retreats and those offered by my master have been a highlight of my existence.

many students have come to express how these teachings have resonanted with them. with some of you, we have stayed in touch and have had ongoing conversations that have mutually enriched us. with others, distance and time has come in between us.

i am starting this page here in the hope of reconnecting with those among you who wish to engage with me so that we can explore the teachings further. i am also open and keen to make new encounters.

engagement and encounter are closest to me and as age advances it is here i find the inspiration allowing my life to be more open and inclusive.

i have created maitri_retreats to offer regular sesshins (zen meditation retreats) for those who wish to join me to deepen their experience of this supreme of arts we call meditation. what meditation truly is reveals itself through the practice of sitting. sitting can often challenge us, not that the sitting itself is the difficulty, it is difficult as it brings to the surface all our unwanted parts, all that we reject as we strive to create better versions of ourselves.

i invite you to an open and honest dialogue with me here. if you have any questions about your own journey or wish to return to aspects of the teachings we have already discussed as to expand further on them feel free to share.

washed ashore, amed, bali, 2017

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