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silence teaches what is beyond words

one of the more impactful and profound experiences given to us to live is to recollect heart and mind in an intensive period of silent and still sitting.

this is a moment when, while attending and caring for whatever unfolds outside, we begin to turn our light inwards, as the buddha encouraged us to do in his last recorded words.

to turn our light inwards is another way of speaking of intamacy and homecoming.

intimacy means, no one other than you, can take the steps, often steep, at times disquietening, that take you away from the distractions of the world to lead you to who you really are.

to be truly who you are is to come home. and to come home is beyond words and descriptions.

silence and stillness are the just measures of its revelation. it is something prior and more original than words. it is from that open space where words arise, the world arises and you arise.

and then, the words that come to you, are gifted to you by your own voice. an owning with no sense of ownership to it.

only through intimacy with our own experience do we gain entry into the world, and into the world of others and into the world of absolute otherness.

otherness; world where definitions and categories all collapse : shunyata, emptiness! and this is perhaps another way to speak of freedom.

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